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Saturday, April 25, 2015

milking pedestals

So let's talk about Garret.

Everybody loves Garret.

You have to love Garret.

Anybody who would say "meh, that kid's no good" is a turd.

It's not even my rule!  It's a societal rule that people with mental handicaps are treated with a certain awe and sweetness.  These kids, by natural law, are put on a pedestal!  Not that everyone respects this law, but no one, with any class, would publicly insult someone like Garret. 

Isn't it great?

Yup.  You have to be sweet to my Garret.

Or you're a turd.

Now I, on the other hand, get some slack.  As the heroic parent, I get some wiggle room to be "taxed" by my child.  I get to complain a bit, within reason.  Like, when Garret throws a yogurt cup into my bedroom, flinging yogurt across the laundry, my bed, the computer and on the ceiling...   Yeah, I get some leeway to not be enamored with the boy.

I get to rag on my precious child 'cause dang, what a jerk, am I right?

Don't answer that.  You can't say that.


You have to buoy me up because Garret is amazing and I am amazing for being his mommy.

Yup Yup.

This seems like a strange thing to be ...bragging? about, but I get away with this because we (the parents) are put on the pedestal also.

Hey down there!  Somebody go get me more yogurt!   
 ...all you non-pedestal people shuffle around to get me yogurt while saying "she's so brave, she's so strong, what a blessed family!"...


Garret, by nature, is on the pedestal and us parentos are on it by default!


To be honest, I've never been very comfortable with the "revered-Garret-parent" approach I get.  Not because I'm humble.  Good grief, we all know that's not it.  But because I'm too aware that I abuse my pedestal.  I get away with crap like a messy house, a lazy day, a cancellation because I'm too tired...  (Maybe I could have slept more.  Maybe Garret wasn't pouncing on me all night, but I was reeeeally into a Netflix marathon...)

So don't let me get away with junk.  Don't let me milk my pedestal.   

Heck, don't you see the pedestal you're standing on?  

You're so brave and strong and blessed...


In conclusion, Garret IS amazingly difficult and wonderful, like all kids.  -just in different ways.  And you better be sweet to him or, well, know what you are.

...I get to say that 'cause I'm his momma.


P.S.  While running errands today Brenda took it upon herself to hold Garret's hand, help him into the car and hand him snacks.  She was very concerned about his well-being.  ...Then we get home and it's "I HATE GARRET!  HE LICKED MY LEGOS!  GAAAARRRRRET!!!"

P.P.S.  And just so I don't end this post on that note, Brenda also does the perfect Garret-sounds impression.  She'll perform when someone needs instructions on Garret-communication and she's quite serious about it.  

Grand-stinkin' adorable.

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Lora said...

I haven't caught up on all of your posts but this is a favorite!! So true and so funny! You go ahead and abuse your pedestal. We don't mind. We would TOTALLY do the same thing! :)

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