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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

México es mágico

There is just no way I can tell all.  If you want it all, take me to lunch.  Otherwise, you'll have to be satisfied with the highlights.


And not "amazing" like us women tend to say about anything above average... 

It really was AMAZING.  

where lagoon and ocean meet in Akumal
I think I'm a pretty easy-to-please person, so Mexico didn't have to try so hard.  ...but it DID.

Valladolid cenote "Zaci"
My biggest surprise?  How much I loved the water activities.

Monica and I jumping (me first) into Ik Kil cenote (pictured in last post)

Tim and Monica (we brought them from home)

about to snorkel cenote "Dos Ojos"

Snorkel Mike!  SNORKEL!

Playa Del Monica.
 The water felt as good as the picture looks.

If I HAD TO pick my favorite activity (and I mean, life or death I HAVE TO PICK SOMETHING) I would say the underground river swim.

WHOA.  These dark tunnels, surrounding us with stalactites and -mites and bats and sights...

At one point the swim opens up above to show our depth.  Anyone seen Goonies????


How cute are we?

 At Xplor Fuego (cool park name, right?) we also jeeped, zip-lined and rafted.


The ruins should have their own post, but that would require more work on my part. 

So here you go-

Ek Balam

The ruins of Ek Balam are not too far from Chichen Itza but there is HARDLY ANYONE THERE!  We climbed and snooped and touched and camera-ed. 

 I believe we soaked it in as best as we could.

 Some of the entrances are fenced off to protect the carvings.  STUNNING.

temple doorway
jaguar teeth entrance

Chichen Itza was crowded, expensive, full of sales booths and HUGE.  

I've looked at pictures online, videos and read descriptions.  NOTHING compares to actually standing in front of the Chichen temple.  Totally worth the bother of the big park.

the Chich military building yard
I'm sorry there's not much description.  I look at one picture and am immediately overwhelmed at all I could tell.  Like how the fish in the lagoon looked as tho they have their own battery-powered neon lights and how silly I was crawling down the Ek temple while everyone else walked casually down.  (Hey, it was STEEP)  And how much FASTER a zip line goes when you're strapped to a bestie. 

I could tell about the shopping and the driving and the people and the buildings and the food. 


panuchos- my favorite meal

if only you could smell this picture!

But lets just get together and you'll regret asking and I'll lose my voice...

Cathedral of San Gervasi, Valladolid

we don't know how to pose for pictures

 Or better yet, just come with us next time. 

 Because we'll be back!


Brenda said...

I'm sooooooooo glad you got to go!!

Lora said...

YAY!!!! What a fun adventure! CAN'T WAIT to hear all the details and see more pictures in person!! So happy you guys got to go!! 😍

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