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Friday, September 22, 2017

PS- I think chi talk is silly

Yesterday I told Kristen that I've got my chi back, now that the kids are elsewhere being parented 7 hours a day.

I'm playing my running music more.  I mean, not to run, but for my chi.  I'm getting junk done.  You know, something to show for the day, rather than just kids that are still breathing.

Got my hair cut.  Doin' some yoga.  CAUGHT UP WITH LAUNDRY.

  ...I mean, not ALL the laundry.  But, you know.  Lots of it.

Hold on.  Darwin Deez is singing....

I've gained a few piano students and with my chi, I'm an awesome teacher.  Yesterday, I seamlessly went from one student who is getting deeper into classical, to another who is focusing on heavy metal chord structures.  (It's all the same, really.  The only difference is swaying to headbanging. new haircut headbangs nicely.)

I'm practicing piano and guitar more.  I'm good at the former, sheepish at the latter.  

I killed a big spider this morning.  It came charging at me in the shower. running music was playing in the background...


I should rename my running playlist to GETJUNKDONEANDKILLSTUFF.

I will be doing more running.  My knee is being weird, even after I told it I've got my chi back.  It'll catch up.

I'm sleeping more.  Hello!  That extra energy goes towards dead insects and ....the rolls I made the other day!  ooohhhhh I got it just right. 

I finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast.  It was ok.  Hermione couldn't fool me.  She's stuck in Hogwarts forever more...

I went rollerskating!  It was on the weekend, with kids, so it doesn't really count towards the chi thing but hey!  I'm not bad!  ...Not good, but not bad!

P.Y.T.  I wonder what was the moment like when MJ said Hey, we need some Alvin and the Chipmunks during the chorus...  I bet nobody questioned because he's freaking Michael Jackson.

While doing dishes today I was watching Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.  The RHCPeppers are hilarious and aging way slower than me.

New dishwasher!  Lots of photo work!  Never enough yard work!

If I had my own narrator, I bet he'd say She could go do yard work now but she's eating biscotti instead.  (My narrator is a guy who sings like Al Green.)

Whelp.  Kids'll be home soon.  I think I'll switch over some laundry and put on some pants.

This post is dedicated to my family who have asked me to post more but they also make fun of my childhood crushes.  So I've held back.  Can't reward such behavior.

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