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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(stupid journal obligations)

I'm watching breaking news of the first man rescued from the mine shaft in Chile. They say that 69 days is the longest anyone has survived, trapped like this. (I'm only a little shallow in hoping the interruption doesn't take up the entire episode of Biggest Loser.) As the first man emerges his young, sobbing son rushes up to him, embraces him, and I've definitely got something in my eye. It all kinda wipes away the frustrations of the day. (stupid dishes, stupid pimples, why is this kid whining, why can't I just eat ice-cream...)

I'm having a reverent moment seeing these families be reunited tonight.
And the shows back on!

Maybe I'll go do some yoga while watching. (stupid jiggly belly)

But real quick, here's some pics from Sunday's birthday party. Garret and Brenda keep aging against all odds. (You all know how I cook, right?)

(Funny Uncle James thought his birthday should get him in a picture or two...)

(Funny Garret would rather eat the candles...)

(Funny Mike get's excited seeing his kids enjoy weaponry.)

(...Funny Brenda)

In honor of those Chilean families we'll have some extra snuggle/story-time tonight before night-night.


GoofyJ said...

We don't have cable so I didn't watch it - but I read about the rescue and everything. I think it's awesome what they have been able to do and like you it helps me remember just how good my life is and I find myself giving my kids a few extra hugs and stories :-D

GoofyJ said...

Oh, and I understand getting excited seeing kids enjoy weaponry - I do the same thing :-D In fact last year for Christmas we got nerf guns for every person in the family - including mom and dad - we have all out wars. It is AWESOME :-D

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