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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas spirit

You think this is going to be a deep, nostalgic sort of post.  Don't ya?  Well, sorry to disappoint you but I've got way too much 'Good&Plenty' in my system for serious.  (Thank you Santa) 

So this is my impromptu 'tell-all-about-my-Christmas' post.

No pictures 'cause it's impromptu.

Why imprompty?  Uh, I mean impropmtu.  Arrr, impromptu (Stupid 2am fingers.)

Because it's 2 am and I don't want to watch Barney.


Saturday morning Mike and I donned out cheerleading sweaters and skirts and pigtails and pompoms...

Mike in a skirt?  Oh heavens.  Thank goodness I'm being metaphorical. 

"What's this??  I see a present fooooorrr BRENDA!!  Wanna open it?  Over here Brenda!  What is it???  What could it be???  WOW!  A Star Wars lego person-thingy!!!  COOL!!  Oh wait, Brenda, come back!  Brenda!  You can play with legos later!  Leave the legos in your room 'cause there's more presents!  YEAH! 
Whhhooooo's next???  It's a present for SUZIE!!  See Suzie?  LOOK!  No, no Brenda.  It's for SUZIE!  OK, you can help her open it.  What is it???  HUH??  WOW!  A baby doll!!  No, Brenda, give it to Suzie.  YAY!!  A BABY DOLL!!!
Is Garret next????  OOOOOh, Garret look!  ...Garret?  Garret wake up!!  Wake up Garret!!!  Look!  It's aaaaa...  OK Brenda you can open it.  WOOHOO!!  A Woody doll for Garret!  No, no Suzie.  It's for Garret!  GARRET WAKE UP!  Look!  A WOODY DOLL! 

Ummm, where's Brenda?  Is she back in her room with her legos?  Brenda!!!  Come open more presents!  

...Cheerleaders?  Yes.  Never thought that'd be me. 

Now would be the time to expound on the wonders of this weekend but alas, Suzie has completed her why-the-hickory-heck-is-this-girl-up-at-2-am playtime and is drifting into toddler dreamland.  So off I go to drift into my own dreamland which will definitely, dreamily, include another box of 'Good&Plenty'.


Brenda said...

I can feel a headache coming on from just reading this. Rah, rah, rah!

Maecy said...

Ahhh. Comfort food-Good thing you just dream about yours.

hopeE said...

It's fascinating how we thought we'd be one person but God is determined to guide us to be another. Enjoy your little guides!

813 Ash Street, Dayton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radke said...

Sounds like a fun and spirit filled Christmas morning:)You've got spirit, yes you do! You've got spirit, how about them kids?

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