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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

post-Christmas posted-post

After my last post I assume I don't have to explain my lack of Christmas morning pictures, right?

So... Two.

Two pictures.

Brenda's high point and Suzie's low.


If I had had just half a brain that morning I would have also snapped a picture of Garret bonding with his new Sheriff Woody doll.  Maybe I'll still do that.

Or maybe I won't.

Maybe that's just the bologna talking... 

(ask Tyler)

 So I can sum up our Christmas weekend into one word.  Family.  Family, family, family!  We are awesomely surrounded by both extended sides and, therefore, were bouncing from one home to another to laugh and play and goof and eat and give and receive and hug and smooch.  With Mike's family we had a dramatic reading, an in-house helicopter, some insanely good almond roca, some white-'elephanting', and plenty of 'OOOOhs and AAAAAhs.  With my family we had one divine ham dinner, a careful-to-not-pee-your-pants hilarious game of Madlibs, some 'name that tune' (I think I totally won.), and one gruesome bear suicide.

It's no wonder I'm still recouping.  

Wait, what??

Oh, don't worry.  It was a teddy bear.

***added  note- Somehow I gave the impression that we opened at 2 am.  NO FREAKIN' WAY.  10 am people!  HOORAH!  (I'm a middle-of-the-night blogger...)


Oyama Family said...

2 AM?!!!? Are you serious?! Well, I think you'd both make great cheerleaders to be cheering like that at 2am, I think I would have been one grouchy cheerleader that early in the morning.

Christy Jones said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas, I can't believe you were up at that time in the morning opening Presents!! You are so blessed to have family so close!

lindsay said...

?? We opened presents at 10 am. I just tend to blog in the middle of the night...

Sue O said...

I wonder if that's the same helicopter that Charlie is obsessed with.

lindsay said...

The little toy that zips around by remote? It was a hit!

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