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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mrs. Munchnik stuck in an elevator...

the answers to the last post's mystery movie quotes...

1. Christmas Carol
2. A Christmas Story
3. Elf
4. Charlie Brown Christmas
5. White Christmas
6. Home Alone
7. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
9. Miracle on 34th St
10. Mixed Nuts
11. The GRINCH of course!

They're all classics to me. (Even though I can't stand 'Home Alone'...) Have you seen 'Mixed Nuts'? It's a fantastic display of CRAZY. Madeline Kahn (who was BRILLIANT in 'What's Up Doc') is the icing on top. (Title reference)

But I have to say my favorite is 'A Christmas Story'. (Actually, my favorite Christmas movie is probably 'A Muppet Christmas Carol', but I didn't quote that one so...) Nothing beats Ralphie's little brother in his puffy winter suit... "Wait up guys, WAIT UP!!!!!..."

Second- just a little o' this


Mari said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog. I checked our your photo blog too and was really impressed! I love this list of movies! I'll have to see if I can rent Mixed Nuts.

Christy Jones said...

my Favoriet is Muppets Christmas Carol too! I love all the great Christmas movies.

Radke said...

Okay, so I was wrong. I knew 1, 2, and 11. Should have known 9, it's one of my favorite Christmas movies, along with the original Miracle on 34th Street.
I love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation too, even though it's a little bit naughty:)

Oyama Family said...

OOOh my goodness Lindsay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE mixed nuts...our family has been quoting it for years...totally one of the best movies ever! Thanks for the fun quiz!

Brenda said...

Oh good, I needed a picture of the hat. Still trying to figure out how I made the darn thing. Oh, and I never saw Mixed Nuts either.

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