My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Monday, April 30, 2012

All done!

Well I've got just over an hour before the month is complete.  And since I have no plan to run in the dark tonight I can announce my total April running mileage...


Which means 325 dollars is going towards the world's worst humanitarian crises through the much praised charity- the International Rescue Committee

Thank you to all who pledged.  Some days I ran further than planned thinking about how far a few dollars could go...  Some days I ran a bit less feeling bad that people were going to have to pay those dollars...  But today I decided a quick run to top off an even 100 was just right

We be doin' good stuff, folks.

Thank you thank you thank you!!


Brenda said...

I owe you some $! Good job!

Sue O said...

Good for you Lindsay.

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