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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bringing up Baby

5 points to anyone who gets the title!

So Suzi has turned 5 and I am done with babies -as I remind her regularly.  She's throwing a fit and I say "Silly Suzi!  You're not a baby anymore, are you???  Babies don't get ice cream and have to take naps!  Are you ready for your nap??"  Sometimes, this works.  Sometimes she will pause from her whining and say "Oh, so I don't cry anymore?  ...Do I get to go to school now?", and she is sufficiently distracted from her woes.  And I win haha.  (Of course, I've been doing this since she was 3.  She still has tantrums.  ...I should write a book on parenting.)

But 5!  My baby!  A princess party was requested which meant pink cake, pink decorations and pink accessories.  I only have a few pics, but they are priceless.



HER HIGHNESS (between frustrated sobs because "I DON'T LIKE PICTURES!")-

So yeah, she's awesomely awesome and she's awesomely MINE!

Happy birthday Suzi!


Becca Jane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZI!!!!! I love her. I wish our girlies could play together and be BEST second cousins!

Brenda said...

Is Mike's family Scandinavian? I can't remember, but am guessing so. Suzi looks like she comes from the fjords of Norway.

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