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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mike is cute

So there were a few inquiries about Brenda's cake, featured in the previous post.  ...It tasted of good intentions.  The new math methods in Common Core would call that a success!  HOORAH!   
 That was a snide comment Lindsay, how about some whining?

Blogging is like mowing the lawn.  It gets more arduous the longer you wait. 

But, you know, none of that matters.  What matters is that my FIL had triple-bypass surgery yesterday and he is doing AWESOME.  The doctors have all been wowed by the fact that he even survived to get to the hospital.  Now they are all very impressed by his recovery thus far.  It is no surprise that my FIL would go around, unintentionally impressing people.  It's just his nature.

I'm cold but my sweater is waaaaaayyyyy over there.  (I'm pointing across the room.  But you already knew that didn't you?  'Cause we're like this- I'm crossing my middle and pointer finger.  But you already knew that didn't you?)   ...(What up bestie?) 

So about 2013.  I did some much-brag-worthy running.  I attended FAR TOO MANY funerals.  I didn't read enough, but squeezed in plenty of Netflix.  I made some new friends.  Held on to old ones.  I kept 3 kids alive and I still think Mike is cute.

2014 ought to be good.  'Specially with my FIL around.

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Radke said...

I like your post. It's cute, to the point, and points out our great friendship:) I hope you have a better 2014, we could all use it! I am happy to hear your FIL is doing well after his surgery. Happy New Year, Lindz!

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