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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's get the offensive part over with...

Brenda's current topic of choice-

Yes, yes.  My classy-mom parenting workshops begin in June.  Lesson 1: How to make toast for dinner.  Lesson 2: a little fabreze on your 5-yr old is just as good as a bath.  Lesson 3: Feminine products- a kids&crafts must-have...


You know how when you're griping about your kids you always end it with 'Good thing they're cute!'? 

...What about the people with ugly kids?

This little man hasn't let me sleep much lately but when he plays giggly peek-a-boo with me on our run I can't help but smile and think 'OK, I'll keep you another day.'

Do you ever daydream about not having any kids?  Oh no, me neither.  But if I were to daydream, hypothetically, I'd realize that I'd be a dull girl, leading a dull life.  After all, motherhood drives me to find humor for relief.  (alcohol is not an option and ice-cream shrinks my jeans)     

For example, how's this for therapy?


That's all. 

I'm off to clean up cat puke.


confuse; perplex; fluster


"Irish can bumfuzzle any team" – headline about the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" football team, Chicago Tribune, October 27, 2002

About the Word:

Bumfuzzle may have begun as dumfound, which was then altered first into dumfoozle and then into bumfoozle. Dumfound (or dumbfound) remains a common word today, but bumfuzzle unfortunately is extremely rare.


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Radke said...

Loved this post! We all have these moments, don't we? I really liked your last cartoon, very funny.

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