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Friday, April 25, 2014

the recital

On Tuesday I put on a recital for my piano students.  I'm not sure why but I LOVE putting on recitals.  BWAH!!!!  From creating the cute programs to the after-party goodies...

thank you Ellen!!!!

IT'S SO FUN!  But I'll tell ya, my tummy was in knots during the performances.  I've got a smile pasted on my face but inside I'm screaming 'PLEASE play well!  PLEASE OH PLEASE don't be disappointed over mistakes but EXCITED over your achievement!!!!

...Did my teachers go thru this agony? 

Well, I am PLEASED to say they all played SO. STINKIN'. WELL.  They ALL left happy and smiling.  We ALL had a great evening. 

I think my next recital will have a catwalk and spotlights.  And Billy Crystal hosting.  And a rotating, white grand piano with sprinkles.  ...I may need to charge more.

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