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Monday, June 16, 2014

lucky girl

When I was ...fifteen? my family went on an RV trip across the country.  I remember driving thru Wyoming in the middle of a lightning storm and I had never seen anything like it.  My mom was nervous and my dad was excited, even talking about stopping the car and getting out for a better view.  We didn't stop but our faces were pressed to the windows, eyes darting around. 

...I'm not sure why I'm blogging this.  Maybe because we just celebrated Father's day and, honestly, I suck at being a good daughter on Mother's and Father's day.  I'm close to my parents and don't think any damage is done, but I still feel guilt.

What does this have to do with Wyoming?


It was a fun trip!  We made up songs (with potty humor, of course) and I STILL imagine sitting in the RV with big-brother, Colton, every time I hear the song "Train Going South" by Peter Breinholt.  After 2 weeks we arrived home and though we got along great, we all had to just spread for a while to regain some personal space. 

Maybe that's it.  On Mother's and Father's day I just ache a bit, missing my brothers and parents.  This isn't a woe-is-me-I-hate-me-life kind of rant.  I like my life!  But not everybody has a family they miss at times.  ...It's pretty cool actually.  I'm a lucky girl. 

P.S.  I had the kids help decorate a shirt for Mike.  Brenda said "Happy Father's Day Dad!", Suzi said "Mike is the BEST!" (that was odd) and Garret slept soundly all day.
It was nice.


Sue O said...

We took an RV trip to Nauvoo when Jon got home from his mission. We took Bethany and Chris and their two littles, as well as our other three. Things were a little tight at times. But they are great memories.
Ellen and I rode our bikes past your house TWICE on Saturday morning. Did you hear my banshee screams both times?

Lindsay Z said...

Didn't hear any screams, but I was at a baby shower in Dayton from 9:30 on... How was the ride? A little rough, considering the screaming?

Sue O said...

Nah, we were just trying to get your attention. 8-)

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