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Friday, July 1, 2016

Dr Seuss Girls Camp skit

So Girls Camp is weeks away and one of my favorite "jobs" is to write the skit for the camp leaders.  At the forgotten request of a few, I thought I'd share the skit from last year that was just so fun.  I tried to make it as "Seuss" as "Seuss" is, but added unique touches to make it fit our camp.  If anyone would like, copy and make some tweaks that work for you!  Enjoy!


Up on a hilltop like the one in these trees
there happened a story you must see to believe

For scattered in hollows in a place called Alpine
lay a camp of young women who did indeed shine

Their lanterns were lit, every tent up with ease
every tshirt was colored, with colors to please

The second years raised the flag on the mark
The YCLs sang and danced- baby shark

But while the girls taught and learned certification
No one suspected a certain's hesitation

For amongst these lovely women was a sad, lonely one
A GRINCH! some might call her, who shrugged at the sun

"I see no joy, no reason to smile
It's hot and I'm tired, 'think I'll pout here a while

The songs are all corny, the lessons? - a bore
And no texting this week???  I'll just DIE, for sure!

I'll show them how silly, how wasteful are we,
to eat up my time with crafts and archery

Let's see how they like their precious camp
without their decorations and mascots ...and lamp

Perhaps those cheery smiles will reverse
when I eat up their lasagna and sabotage their nurse!

Now they're singing again!  Oh WHY so much noise?
Guess I'll burn their song books, ...uhhh... I'll throw them in the lake ...yeah...

   (To audience)  No fires ladies!

I'm out to destroy! I'll take this, I'll take that.
I'll TAKE their wretched girls camp and I won't give it back!

A GRINCH you could call me -a mean one, you might say?
Don't want to join in?  to participate or play?

I'm here to nobly expose the truth!
That this is all meaningless ...just fluff and floof!

Now, my trusty sidekick, let's call you Heather
Aren't we excited to see how they weather?

I've taken their toys, their trinkets and hollaballoo
Instead of sounds of joy, it'll be BOO HOO HOO!

(campers wake and gather at flag, smiling, greeting and dancing together...)

Heather, what's this? No one is SAD!
No one is crying, everyone is GLAD!

Somehow this girls camp is still a success???
Somehow this girls camp is more than this mess?

Maybe girls camp doesn't come from a store?
Maybe girls camp is a little bit more.

The Grinch's heart beated one, two, three
and grew to the size of a mighty spruce tree

She gathered the things and sprung into action
To return to camp and ask for compassion

For forgiveness, she begged and pleaded to be
back with the camp she had so wanted to flee

They welcomed her in, arms wide open
and together they learned of the Lord's words spoken

For Girls camp is more than skits and glits and smores
Girls camp is all about opening doors

To hear our Heavenly Father, who loves us endlessly
And know who we are, in our infinite family


Our "grinch" wore green and our "Heather" (who's name is Heather, how clever are we?) mimicked the dog dressed as a reindeer.  She pushed around a wheelbarrow as the Grinch stole items from each campsite (pre-stolen for the skit and placed on the stage.  haha)  The other leaders wore pjs to be the campers who awake.  ...I got to narrate!

Now I've got to get busy with our skit for this year!

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