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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

how the 4th was won

It's been a few weeks since the school needed a break from raising my children which means I'm in full scramble mode.  What does this look like?  Well,  the last load of laundry I started I had to wash 3 times before I finally remembered to put it in the dryer before it icky-dried in the washer.  I'm not sure how long it's been since I washed my hair and this morning I drove to the grocery store instead of the pediatrician's office.

It's all good.  With McDonalds to the rescue, we will survive.

Hey, there was an opossum right outside our door the other night.  It was digging into a little catfood, not caring that we were 6 inches away, with just a little glass between us.  Nasty, craggly creature of the night...  It was awesome.

To celebrate the somewhat end of my seasonal allergies we went to a fireworks show last night.

For this to work with our entourage, we avoided crowds and stayed within 6 feet of the van.  When the booms began Garret slinked to the front of the van and peeked thru the seats.  Suzie narrated the many colors and shapes.  And Brenda ventriloquisted her dolls with comments of how never before has such a sight been sighted

So I've been told a few times, recently, that putting 2 spaces after the period is not proper.    You just put one space.     Just one.       I was born in the 70s and if my science is correct...      

This is AMERICA.      


Some day my maker may tell me why I got to land in a cushy, blessed, safe, stable country, in it's prime.  Surely it's not based on merit.  Surely I won the lottery when being handed my Earth assignment.  And surely, there's no worthy description of what I owe those who came before.  Those pioneers, warriors and dreamers lived for something so much more than themselves and I don't want to go through what they did.  Heck, I doubt they really wanted to go through what they did.


Ether 2:14
Happy 4th!


Brenda said...

Let the record show that MY daughter knows how to spell opossum AND I was taught in my high school typing class to put two spaces after the period, so end of discussion. Excellent post, as always.

Val said...

You're amazing. I say this each year and we never get around to it - but our families should get together! Miss you.

Lora said...

Love it!! I'm counting down the days until school starts again too. ;) Love that scripture. Happy forth!! See you soon!

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