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Friday, March 26, 2010

What have we here?

Not to play favorites but I was digging through old pictures on the computer and found some Brenda moments that I just had to share. (She just gives me SO much material.)
Here's Brenda, last summer, in her homemade, above-ground pool:And here she decided that Garret's room needed a TV:
And here is Pirate-Brenda, and Bozo-Brenda:
Yes, these were ALL HER. I only took pictures.
But don't be fooled by this little sweetheart. With this delightful imagination comes grief as she is currently in time-out for using toothpaste to give the living room lampshade a "face". (Oh DARN IT. I should've gotten a picture of that!!)


nuttbutts said...

bucket pools provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Those are such great pictures! She has a great daughter is in trouble right now for flushing gummy worms down the toilet-I understand!

Brenda said...

She left a smiley face on our lampshade too. Yellow marker. Only noticeable if you look for it. It's perfect. Every lampshade should have one.

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