My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Monday, November 15, 2010

a few of my favorite things-

(inspired by Oprah and Julie Andrews)

(But I won't be giving anything away, or singing.)

(Sorry. And, you're welcome.)

My favorite Tim Curry role-

Dr. Poole in Oscar

Favorite current 'Garretism'-

wide-eyed smiling and giggling with every Reece's peanut butter cup commercial

Favorite vintage wallpaper, found online-

Favorite item at Winco-

egg nog

Favorite bands/artists to go running with-

Roisin Murphy
The Ting Tings
Annie Lenox
The Rolling Stones
Flo Rida
Michael Jackson
Kings of Leon

Favorite deoderant-


Favorite SNL character-

Sally O'Malley

Favorite character in 'Word World'-


Favorite Suzie feature-

How she runs with her legs stick-straight, and her little arms just pumping so hard...

Favorite cracker-

Cheez its (It's juvenile, I know, but this post is all about honesty...)

Favorite Norman Rockwell painting-

Favorite bubble-bath scent-

anything BUT watermelon

Favorite Brenda quote from today-

(low voice)
"Little pig, little pig, let me in... "

(high voice)
"I'm not a pig, I'm a bear!"

2nd favorite Brenda saying today-

Threatening Suzie with 'NO VIDEO GAMES' when Suzie tried to draw over her "chalkboard masterpiece"

Favorite ploy for attention-



Yours, Sincerely said...

"LIKE!" :)

Becca Jane said...

I agree, watermelon scented or flavored things are usually just gross!

You should try running to U2. It's awesome.

nuttbutts said...

i love dr poole! i love oscar...i think it was sylvester stalones best role ever and most people dont even know about it!

Val said...

still need to watch Oscar...

Monica said...

We may be miles apart on Glenn Beck and Dr. Laura, but I couldn't agree with you more about the deodorant. Ban Rocks!

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