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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

politics and smooches

I did my duty by voting ...because I should, and for the right to complain. (How pathetic is the person who whines about government but won't take three minutes to fill out a ballot?)

So here's my well-earned venting-

To all the conservative candidates that got my vote,

You have my support, but not much of my respect. The last few weeks of campaign ads were disgusting. I voted not for you, but for my ideals. I hope that my ballot (along with many others) sends a message of morality and responsibility, but I can't help feeling like much of this is (as Neil A Maxwell stated) '..just straightening deck chairs on the Titanic'. God be with you and please try to live up to the standards that you claim to hold.


And now for something so smooshy-happy you'll wanna give kisses...


There. All better. :)


Sue O said...

Well said, Lindsay. Although i don't think you would have seen any nasty ads from our Rob.

lindsay said...

Oh Rob was in the mix. Perhaps one of the more mild... But he got my vote! Good luck ROB!

Val said...

I have NEVER been happier to have my DVR...didn't have to watch an ad the whole month!

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