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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

falling for cubism

I was chatting with my brother, Tyler, the other day and we started talking about college classes that we loved or hated.
I thought of my art history class.

(SO many years ago...)

(...11, roughly.)

Much of the class was BLAH boring, but I remember the day that my teacher displayed this painting-

Picasso's 'First Steps' (1943)

My immediate thought was, 'GAG. How ugly is that?'

Surprisingly, by the time I left the classroom that day, I was moved almost to tears.

Picasso remained in France during the Nazi occupation. His paintings from that time are grim, grey, and gloomy. But in 'First Steps' he expressed his love for his country and gratitude for the assistance of other countries (us included) to get France back on its feet. To depict this, with a child exerting his independence with the help from his doting mother, is (I think) beautiful.

Even now, I'm feeling mushy.

Ever since then, when I see an odd Picasso painting that doesn't seem to justify his fame I think of this and I kinda get it. Good job Pablo.

And don't skip that class you hate, Tyler. Your momma raised you better... haha


Radke said...

I guess knowing the history behind a painting helps you to understand it and see it in a different light. I don't much care for many of Picasso's paintings, but after hearing about this one's history, I like it.

Maecy said...

I'm so glad that your brain remembers things from 11 years ago. I often wonder if college was worth it. I could excel at preschool, though. Thanks for the quick art history lesson! Loved it.

Val said...

I'm bringing over a painting my brother sent me from Ecuador so you can help me appreciate it...

lindsay said...

Glad you gals enjoyed it! (I ROCK at preschool..) Val- Fun! Are you bringing brownies??

Brenda said...

I actually really like the painting. Never seen it before.

Val said...

Yes - is there a specific kind of brownie you like (german chocolate, mint, caramel...)

lindsay said...

Val, it's ALL good. :)

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