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Thursday, January 27, 2011

excuses, excuses

Fun wedding shoot today!  The sun came out just in time and I was given the credit.  I took that credit and charged extra...  haha, no I didn't.

But seriously folks, my few remaining brain cells (thank you, 3 kids...) have been out ...I don't know, jazzercising? for the last few days, leaving me to bumble my way through my various duties.  Luckily DH has been picking up the slack.  (Took me a while to figure that one out-  DH= Dear Husband.)  (At least I hope so, 'cause that's what I mean.)  (Know what I mean?)   

Anyway, as my busy streak is yet to be concluded, here's to hoping I get through with minimal (at least- no additional) damage.
P.S.  Amongst all this busyness I did something cool with a little courage and a staple gun.  Intriguing, right?


Kathy said...

I'm intrigued. . . Oh, and cute shoes! Love that sunshine.

GoofyJ said...

Love the photo :-) and I am very intrigued - and sunshine? You guys had sunshine? We have sunshine AND snow - you jealous? you should be. muahahahahha. Now, if we could just it all of you newberg/dayton/McMinville(you get the idea)-ites out it would be even better.

Val said...

Thank you for explaining DH. It made me think of DW (darkwingduck). :)

Maecy said...

Thanks for leaving me hanging. You know just how to bring back the stalker in me :) I'm glad we're tight like that, though. Ps Can you pass on some of that talent? I can't even take pictures that show what the house looks like. Disgustin' I tell ya, how some peeps got it all!

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