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Monday, January 10, 2011

The first two were easy...

"Heck yes, I'm having LOTS of kids!"

But when faced with the thought of having a third I struggled.  One day I'd say no.  But the next day...

Questions like, "What if we have another who needs lifelong care?",  or "What if there's an entirely new set of challenges with number three?" taunted me for years.

Lots of prayers left me with a feeling of peace but not the 'YES.  Do it!' sort of answer I was wanting.

Never mind the fact that I also HATE being pregnant.

Mike never wavered.  He knew our family should be bigger.  Grander.

Finally (and obviously) I decided 'OK'.

And never has an 'OK' lead to a better result...

Often I'm asked, "So how is Suzie doing?".  I know the question really means, "So, do you have a third autistic child?"  (It's OK guys.  You can ask!) 

The answer is a solid NO.  Some may say that it's still too early to be certain.  But this little doll just turned 2 and if she is- well, she is one great con artist.  (Possible.  She is pretty brilliant...)

Suzie is an animal lover.  a dancer.  a prankster.  a snuggler.  a squealer.  ...and a rotten snitch. 

(She took my fudgesicle!) 

If you gently massage her forehead- she melts in your arms. 

If you ask her to pray- she expects an applause.


Just like 1 and 2 - 3 was a good decision.
Happy birthday Suzanna!


Christy Jones said...

I can understand that feeling! Suzi is such a doll, I can't believe she is two! They grow so fast!

hopeE said...

You are so blessed to have 3 such amazing spirits in your family!

Radke said...

So, are there ever thoughts of having 4? Just curious. Happy Birthday, Suzie.

Val said...

Holy moly - has it been 2 years already?!?! You guys have gorgeous children!

Kathy said...

She is a cutie pie! Each child just adds so much to the family that once they're there it's hard to imagine how the family ever existed without them!

Brenda said...

I love that little face.

Jen said...

I know just what you are saying, We have had two kids since our autistic son. People thought we were crazy both times since we already had 6 kids and why take the risk? I thought I was kind of crazy too.

But when you know, you know.

When I became pregnant with my last baby, a well-meaning but visibly upset relative asked, "But what will you do if this one has autism too?"

My answer, "Just love him, go forward in faith, and do the best we can"

What else can we do?

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