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Monday, January 24, 2011

the point is I'm happy

I know, I know.  I've been posting every day for almost a week.  Do I have a life?

I dunno.  That's not the point.

Uh, well, it kinda is...

I do a lot of traveling (online) and occasionally come across a gem or two.  I recently read an article that I can't get my mind off of.  (bad grammar- sorry Sue.)   If you have a few minutes read this-

Hi.  I'm a purple article link.

Now, tell me that wasn't well done.  I dare you.  'Cause it was. 

I read thinking, "That's me! ...a 'mormon-mommy-blogger'!"  (I left out the word "hipster" 'cause the only thing "hip" about me is ummmm  -I don't know how to finish this sentence...)  I may not be a famous mormon-mommy-blogger, like the ones referred to, but I'm sharing my life as a mormon, a wife, a mother, and a homemaker (stop laughing), for the world to see.

Is it uplifting?  Do I seem happy?  Do I seem fake?

Should I write more about the days I forget to wear deoderant? or call the cat 'idiot'? or use the TV to get the kids out of my hair? or listen to a not-so-proper-yet-cool song on the radio? or give Brenda the answers to her homework just to get it done already? or throw away perfectly good, left-over food just so I don't have to search for a matching tupperware lid?  or play on the computer when my room is a mess?  or or or...

Well, it's my blog so too bad.

...'Cause these are the memories I want to remember.

Like today,

Suzie put two little chairs around the end table in the living room.  Then she sat me down for a tea-party.  We blew kisses, 'clinked' our cups together, and "Ahhh"-ed after each sip.  It was delicious.  :)


Anonymous said...

I do think the article was really well done. A few points:
1)You could not pay me to live in Utah. It scared the crud out of me when I drove through Salt Lake and saw tons of billboards for plastic surgery and Botox. And then I saw the women in the mall sporting those enhancements....I guess the advertising works, but what pressure the women there must feel!
2) I liked working but feel super, super lucky that I get to stay home for as long as I can. Reality says I will have to go back to work as soon as my kids are in school all day...and I am okay with that.I just really enjoy the time I have with them.
3)We Mormons use blogging as a journaling tool and as a way to reach out to our friends and family far away. I think most of us blog about the hard times, too, not just the happy shiny moments. That said, it is all about your perspective. When you appreciate the time that you have with your family, there are a lot more happy shiny moments.
4) Some people do blog about being thrifty and crafts. It's just our way of growing our talents. It's our outlet from those happy shiny moments!
Good post, Lindsay!

Kathy said...

Exactly! I do sometimes blog about the negatives, but like my last post it was more of a "this is so crazy it's almost funny" kind of thing. For the most part, though, it's where I want to remember the good stuff. I always think of it like a family album (since I'm so bad at keeping up albums!) Who wants to look through the family album and see pictures of the laundry pile or the kids fighting? It really helps to go about the day looking for the good stuff, the stuff that makes me happy, and it helps me try to create happy memories for my family. The danger is reading other people's blogs sometimes and feeling like their life is so perfect and beautiful without recognizing that it is just a little glimpse of their life. In general, though, the blogs I read show a balance and don't pretend to perfection. And some people just really are more on top of it than me! :) I loved that article too! Oh, and to answer your questions, yes uplifting, yes happy, and no fake. You are totally real and totally hip!

Becca Jane said...


Okay, had to get that off my chest...for the day!

I love your blog, cuz! I have no doubts that some people read my blog and are annoyed with how much I love my life, but who cares! I want my kids to read my blog books and remember their childhoods. Luckily i went through enough junk last year that my blog isn't all roses and sunshine...but even then, it's not even fun to go back and read some of my negative posts, now that the hard times are behind me. I prefer to remember the fun moments!

Christy Jones said...

Very interesting article Lindsay. Its always fun to see other peoples perception of the mormon culture! I don't think you are fake at all! I think it is good to stay on the positive side of things. That said I also believ the Mormon Culture to be very different than anywhere else in the world because there is such large group of people who share the same faith. If you don't mind I am going to post this article on Facebook, I think it might be fun to get a converstaion going!

hopeE said...


I too had read that article. I found it fascinating and scary all at the same time. I like your version of blogging best. I think a blogging community has the ability to teach each other skills that otherwise they don't have access to. I think we can uplift each others moods by sharing our positives, but also show that we all have normal experiences. After all, who hasn't thrown away perfectly good leftovers because your daughter threw away the last of the lids and you don't feel like digging through the garbage for it.

GoofyJ said...

Great post, Lindsay! Like comments before - the good, happy stuff is the stuff to remember, or the hard things that helped us grow and the lessons from them. Your blog always puts a smile on my face and is uplifting. You aren't fake at all, and trust me - you are way more hip than me!!! I really did enjoy the article - there was so much positive in it, I've just had so many people tell me my life is perfect or I'm so lucky to have perfect kids (I have no idea where they gather that concept from) and I do want people to realize we're just a normal family, but that we focus on the blessings in life. :-)

Val said...

My only qualms with the articles is that not every Mormon house hold is portrayed this way. There are lots of other 'mommy' blogs where people have the same lifestyle, pictures and stories...just without the temples.

Radke said...

Don't change your style, Lindz. I really like how you blog. It's short, sweet, fun, and entertaining. You touch on all sorts of things but always center around your love for your amazing family. That's why I come back time and again.

lindsay said...

I knew that article would stir some discussion! Whether you agree with the opinions or not, it makes you think, eh?

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