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Thursday, February 17, 2011

completely Thursday

We were watching How to Train Your Dragon when Brenda suddenly breaks into song-

"I love Mommy,
I love Mommy,
I love Mommy,
hey, hey, hey, hey!"

I'm not sure what inspired this sudden burst of praise, but why analyze it?


Went shopping today.  I don't get all the hype over Ikea, but Target never fails!   (Hey Solana, you like my purse?  Come on, say it.  "PUURRRSE"  haha!)


I met a gal, earlier this evening, who is looking to find other parents of children with special-needs.  She has been far too isolated and the stress has rudely taken a toll on her health.  We commiserated, rolled our eyes, laughed, and connected.  I'm going to get her out running and she's going to have the kids over to see her alpacas.  Fun, huh?   

(I'm not sure what an alpaca is.  A llama, right?  Why don't we just call it a llama?)  

I suspect I've made a new friend... :)


Oh, and here I've stayed up too late again.  Bad on stress.  Good on blog.  Bad on running schedule.  Good on Seinfeld reruns...



Jen said...

Why analyze it-no kidding!

I wish I could go out running with you but a-the logistics would be tricky and b-you would leave me in the dust anyway.

Christy Jones said...

I really don't get Ikea either! Its always nice to get a compliment from the kids. Keep it up!!

Sue O said...

Alpacas are much cuter than llamas. And I don't care for Ikea. Alright, I'm not much for Target either. Shopping doesn't thrill me any more.

Radke said...

I have to agree about IKEA. I went once and could not figure out what all the hype was about. It's big and very new age. Target is much more fun.
Congratulations on making a new friend. I am a firm believer that good friends lower our stress level and help to keep us sane. I don't know what I would do without my neighbor. She is a great friend and my kids love her kids. It has been such a big help to me since we moved into this house.

Tyler said...

Ok somebody needs to come on here and defend IKEA. I've been once and loved it. have you been to the restaurant upstairs??? cheapest yummy food ever! plus hide and go seek would be rockin cool.

lindsay said...

Let me say- Ikea's not bad! I just don't get ALL the hype. I've known people who plan vacations around this place. Crazy, huh? I haven't found anything I love there, but I've got some odd tastes...

Val said...

boo ikea - not worth all the hype.

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