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Monday, February 7, 2011

How do I end this post?

Brenda surprised us with a drawing of one of our latest "adventures".  Care to guess? 
Here's a hint:  The rectangle is a door and the person is mi amore...


Now everyone say "hello" to my friend Darcy. 
Hey Darcy, do you remember this picture???

To commemorate my recent 32nd birthday Darcy and I toured this lovely, historic home in downtown Salem.   We gushed over the rich woodwork, swooned over the painted-glass windows, and gawked at the tiny dresses on display.
She found a couch she wanted to take home and I found a few light fixtures that may (or may not) have fit under my jacket...

 It was enchanting! were the cupcakes she made for me-

carrots?  -STARBURSTS!!
I dedicate the last cupcake to John Travolta since he was the topic of our very first conversation, that warm day at Ricks College. 


I'm almost embarrassed to admit that my birthday celebration continued further...


Say "hello" to Sheri, Monica, Solana, Sara, Anna, and me! 

We seem a little confused.  Which picture now?  Funny or serious??

Anna and I almost share our days of birth which always justifies an out-of-the-ordinary girls' night.  We had many-a-funny glances thrown our way as we scrambled through Goodwill with the challenge to dress another person for $5.  (Thanks to me, Sheri is looking kinda "come-hither" in her leopard print...)  Then it was off to dinner and Red Robin (yummm) for some indulgent delights. 

How DO I end this post??

not sure.  But I better be a good girl so karma keeps such good friends in my life...


P.S.  Do you need another hint about Brenda's drawing?


Ellen said...

The drawing...hmmmm. I think someone threw an egg on the wall and Mike is ducking down just in time to avoid being hit with it.

Am I right? LOL!

Christy Jones said...

you sure do know how to party!! Love the good will clothes for 5 dollars, such a fun thing to do!!

Radke said...

Looks like a great birthday. I love touring old houses. The architecture and attention to detail is amazing. I would love to live in an old Victorian home.
As for the picture, I thought it was someone swimming but with your hint I am guessing that's not it. I want another:)

Kathy said...

My first thought was swimming, too. Hmm, maybe riding on daddy's back like a horsey in the back yard? :) Happy birthday! Sounds like a great celebration!

Maecy said...

Aaaaaah. Even with the facebook reminder I totally passed over your day of birth. Along with the previous offense of my blog not posting your comment-is it too much to ask that you forgive me? So glad you had a good day. I never guess on art projects. I have outraged my children with my wrong guesses.

Kara said...

Do you know how much this makes me want to come and spend some time with you.... and Anna both.

Thanks, and see you later.

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