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Thursday, January 26, 2012

dress this nest

First of all, I love my house.  We've put a good amount of work into making it sing and the music is lovely.

But today I'm looking for some help.

As the Spring cleaning fairies start to dance in my head the unfinished, undecorated, awkward spaces of my home start to stare me down with impatience.

Here's our great room:

Whoops, wrong picture.

Here it is:

It's an awesome, big room that while being cozy and serene can also house a vigorous lite-saber battle.

Here are some dilemmas (in red for drama):

The odd shape of the living room has had me scratching my head, thinking there's a perfect way to situate everything, if I could just think of it...

The fireplace ought to be a sitting/reading nook that looks like a corner right out of a classy, cottage magazine.  But for now it's defined by cat stuff and a couple running stollers.

Mike stopped me from painting the brick as he believed I'd regret it.  He's probably right.  We'll never know.  But he probably is.

The piano corner is... well, a mess.

 And this is me while Suzie plays with my phone camera.  I put the picture here as another guide to the living room but really I just dropped a little weight and hey, let's hear a little praise...

 So I'm stuck between freakish-frugality, indecision and confusion.  If only Ty Pennington, Nate Berkus, or Emily Henderson would just stop by!  I'd bake them cinnamon rolls, charm them with my itsy-bitsy-spider dance, and they'd leave me with a completed living room. 

So OK people, somebody tell me what to do.

New lamps?


Take out the middle couch?

Floor cushions and disco balls?

Maybe stop storing strollers in here?

And would you come do it for me?  Keeping the place even somewhat clean is work enough...


Christy Jones said...

honestly I am not that great I interior design! Its fun to play around and I think if it makes you comfortable and you like it then that is all that matters!

Brenda said...

Here are my thoughts (since you asked):
-When you get your cleaned-out garage, you can put the strollers out there! Yay!
-How about a shelf above the piano?
-Lamp light (any light below eye level) is cozier than ceiling lights. But I don't dare recommend new lamps, unless they're either made of cement or rubber or anything unbreakable.
-The rest of us are envious of your large space!
-Yes, a comfy chair by the fireplace is good, but it would need a lamp and that brings up that lamp problem again.
-I'm big on plants, but again probably not a good idea. And I know how you feel about fake greenery.
-I'm not much help, am I. But I think the shelf above the piano has possibilities.

Solana said...

get rid of all the furniture and turn it into a roller derby!! I know! great idea huh? :)

Radke said...

I am not good at interior design, my house just kind of falls together over time. But I just put in a family media center that is between the kitchen and the living room and I love it! It is made of spray painted metal so I can hang a calendar, school notes and other items of importance to it that normally get lost in a stack on the counter or piano. I agree with your mom that a shelf above the piano would be great too. Hope it helps:)

Val said...

I would die for your front room. Will you come work your magic in my house? I'll make you mexican food...

DeAnn said...

I'd play around with different arrangements. We had the same problem with our great room. After a couple of different arrangements, I found the "right" way. Is there a way to make the fireplace a focal point, rather than a corner after thought? Good luck!!!

Jen said...

I have no suggestions, but I think your room is lovely. So are you- you look great! Have I ever told you that your blog makes me happy?

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