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Thursday, January 5, 2012

first post for 2012 contains questionable material

First question: Can you look at this without smiling and/or tearing up?

nabbed from my facebook running page
Second question: Does my coolness "rating" go up now that I have Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" on my running playlist?

Third/Fourth question: Can I accept The Versatile Blogger award if I only pass it on to 1 person?  (15 just seems so non-special)  (BTW, thank you Julia and Christy!!)  And do I have to list 7 things about myself?  (If you don't know me by now.  You will never, never, never know me.  Ooooooh...)

Fourth-and-a-half question:  You got that song stuck in your head now right?  heehee

Fifth question (Depending on the outcome of the third/fourth question): Bailey, would you like this award?  I think you're adorable and am glad you married my cousin!

Sixth question:  Wanna see a hippo?

Seventh question:  If you get your husband a manly-blue snuggie and he never uses it, is said-snuggie up for grabs? 

Eighth question: Wouldn't you agree that this picture my dad took is divine?

Ninth question:  What the heck?

Brenda's latest and she won't tell me...


Val said...

Clearly someone is telling this person to do something they don't want to do. I think. Clearly.

DeAnn said...

No, yes, yes/no, actually no, i don't know, sure, definitely, i want a copy and no clue either.

Bailey said...

i laughed sooo hard at this post! i'm also happy i married your cousin!

nuttbutts said...

love the picture your dad took! and the brenda picture...the angel of death maybe?

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