My name is Lindsay and this is just so I don't feel guilty for not keeping a written journal...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today we went into the city and didn't die.

...which means another tally mark under my name.  (finger lick and sizzle...)


Does your Garret flee out the back doors of the Lego store requiring you to weave through boxes and secret displays in the "employees-only" warehouse area at top speed?

Oh well I guess I've seen things you can only dream of...

Does your Brenda barrel into the doc's office with a confident smile and announce to the audience in the waiting room- "I'm ready for my check up!"?


(awkward silence filled with pity)

Hang in there Champ.

Does your Suzie laugh at you from the safety of her car seat while you chase the stroller across a wet, windy parking lot, saying upon your return, "Mommy, you so silly."?


OK, but does she then take a picture of you and call you pretty?


Yes, I might be a bit arrogant, but when your full time job is to basically keep three kids alive you tend to get a bigger head with each passing tragedy-free day. 

I just mushy-love these kids.


Val said...

Oh, I could tell you stories of the conversations Haylee has with people in any waiting area...

Brenda said...

Next time call me. I'm not sure but I think I can still outrun them.

lindsay said...

Val- I love your stories! Mom- I almost did call, but felt this need to prove I could have a pleasant outing with the kids and no help. Thanks tho!

Val said...

Well she is bound and determined to share her testimony next fast Sunday. We're preparing ourselves. :)

Radke said...

Sounds like a fun and adventurous outing:)

kerry b said...

The mad running after a very fast and cute boy, I am quite familiar with that lol..I have learned not to wear my pretty boots on outings with Jordan anymore :)

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