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Thursday, March 1, 2012

old musicals at 2 am

Half of Tuesday night was spent with Garret sleeping next to me and this resulted in me wanting to have an old movie night with friends. 

First I got smacked in the face with a little fist.  Then I was bopped in the face with a little fist.  Following the bop was a splat, crackle and pop followed by a swift kick in the knee.

When Garret sleeps he owns it.   He's like This is me world and I am sleeping.

Now if you love this old movie like I do you're already yelling at the computer screen.

It's Two Weeks with Love!


Let's pause for a moment and giggle over the scene where the Dad is trying to get some sleep while bunking with his boys but that darn little sleeping fist keeps smacking him in the face.


OK now get a hold of yourself!

So in between Garret's slumbering assaults I sang and quoted and snickered in my head.   

Embarrassing knickers and baboons marrying monkeys to chimps...

Unfortunately we ended our partnership with Netflix and that old VCR tape that my mom recorded the movie onto oh so many years ago is long gone so I'm at the mercy of anyone with obscure/old movie access. 

...I make good popcorn!


Val said...

I looooooove these movies. I always have to hold back tears in Meet Me In St. Louis! Haylee came home from acting class & they were practicing pronunciation with "Pick a Little Talk a Little...". I then HAD to get out the Music Man and we HAD to watch all the much fun!

Bethany said...

What musical is that? I have seriously been trying to remember the name of that one for YEARS!!

Bethany said...

Oh, I get it now! It IS Two Weeks with Love. I never would have remembered that. :)

Radke said...

I love musicals but I have never seen this one. I would rush out and get it but we have no rental stores any more:( What's a poor girl to do when she wants to watch a proper musical and there is no where to get one?

Bethany said...

Nicole, I was just thinking the same thing! I'll either have to wait to get it in the mail, or wait to see if it comes on streaming. :( Not all change is good.

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