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Thursday, March 22, 2012

We put the ick in sick.

Cleaning up puke is one of the evils of parenting.  My poor Garret doesn't understand the physical cue to git to the bathroom and the messes have been piling up.

There I am, scrubbing the mattress, thinking I am a somewhat-educated woman darn it, I should be sipping cocoa in my Italian villa right now.


...Well we all know where this is heading.

cue photoshop-

But really, my villa will have to wait whilst I launder the mountain of ick in the laundry room.

It's not so bad.  Garret is the sweetest sick kid there ever was.  I had waltzed (that's right) into my room earlier this evening to find brownish guck all over my bed which had been half stripped of the bedding so that the guck had gucked all- down to the bare mattress.  FUN STUFF.  I boomed- NOOOO!!  PUKE!  EVERYWHERE!!  AAACK!!!!!!!  Then turned to find my little boy huddled behind the bedroom door, soaked and looking terrified.  Whoops.  Within 20 minutes I had him bathed, warm and cuddled into bed.  He even smiled as I rubbed his forehead.  See?  Even sick-Garret can melt hearts. 

Happy thoughts for my boy.  May he be bouncy by morning.


Sue O said...

Mom of the Day award goes to you.
Charlie was eleven before he figured out how to get to the toilet when he needed to throw up. He used to vomit in his sleep and would wake up in the morning with dried ick all over him and his bed. I guess he was a very heavy sleeper.

Radke said...

I am so sorry for you and poor Garret. I do not do well with puke. As a matter of fact, Max does puke duty otherwise there were be twice as much. I start to throw up just hearing someone gag. Luckily my girls both are good targets on bowls. Hope he is better by morning and no one else gets it!

Cristin said...

Poor Garret! :(

Even after 15 years of experience with throw up, I still dry heave when my kids throw up and even though my kids are all of age to git to the toilet in time, none of them ever do. I now have a big plastic tub that we call the throw up bucket that I make the kids take every where they go so I don't have to clean it up off of anything.

I hope Garret is bouncing around again!

Christy Jones said...

oh man! Sick is no fun for mom and kids! You have such a great attitude and I love how you put Garret first! Here's hoping everyone is better by tomorrow!

Maecy said...

Sick Garrett does melt hearts! What a set of eyes on that boy. Feeling for you though. Ick is a real bummer.

DeAnn said...

Since Isaac spent most of his early years puking mulitple times a day, he's a pro at getting to the toilet. Potty training was much more difficult for him. I couldn't figure out why he could puke in the toilet, but not pee or poop in it. Hmmm...
I hope your boy is feeling better.

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