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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stats and Brenda and other stuff

I'd like to say that the stats on my blog mean nothing to me.  Nothing.  And if I have said that in the past then I simply was lying.  In all honesty I get a thrill seeing hits on the blog.  I smile whenever there's a new comment and tingle in my toes when numbers go higher than before...
I hope I don't sound like a look-at-me look-at-me! person, but if I do- oh well.  I cherish this journal, and it's even sweeter if others enjoy it!  I've spent long evenings reading over old posts and they become more valuable with age.  So no regrets with the many hours hovering over my dusty keyboard.  (I should clean it?)

A couple of my most seen posts are:


I have to add that if I had to pick my own favorite post it would be this one-


This is my 299th post and as of now I've had 16,410 hits.  The most hits in one month is 1,142.  The least in a month- 530.

Is that interesting?

If not, then I've got a good Brenda-ism to hopefully make up for the yada yada-

Brenda had my phone when little-brother Tyler called.  


"Uh, Hello.  How are you?"

"I'm playing with legos!"

"Oh, hi Brenda!  You're playing with legos?"

"...How did you know??!!"

-Oh and THANK YOU for the feedback about the charity/running thing!  It is definitely ON.  (I'll post soon.)

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Monica said...

Yay, you had an update. I was going to tell you to get to it cause I'm bored, but you delivered. Love the blog. Someday I want to be just like Lindsay!

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