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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the masked playwright

I'm a reasonable woman.  Therefore on Mothers Day morning I look about and think A cookie and maybe a nap will make today a special day.  Then at the end of the day I revel in a simple, no-expectation day and, like the farmer on Babe, I contentedly say, "That'll do pig.  That'll do".

Eventually I will, in a Mommy Dearest sort of way, expect Suzie to compensate for her older siblings and give me a mothers day that a woman of three pregnancies, three labors, and three -bazillion diapers, deserves.  ...With no wire hangers.

You think I'm kidding...


This is no complaint!  Just me, being reasonable.  And by sharing this I hope you get how special this was-

Brenda dragged me to the living room where I found a pillow to sit on and a stage all set.  (The green paper has pen lines to depict grass.  The blue is water.  And the flowers are flowers.)

A Mothers Day play!  Just for ME!!  

There was laughter, violence, surprise and kissing.  ...All the good stuff that a Mothers Day play ought to have.

Brenda titled the play- Animals of Christmas.  

OK well, a Christmas play on Mothers Day?

That'll do Brenda.  That'll do.



Sue O said...

I think the Brady kids and the Osborne kids watched all the same movies.

nuttbutts said...

how awesome is that!

Christy Jones said...

Best mothers Day present ever!!

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