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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mike 'n me

We don't look like we've been married for 12 years huh?

12+ year-married people wouldn't listen to Weezer while blogging.   


Our anniversary was months ago but my mom eventually kicked us out of our house so we could go 24 hours without diapers and time-outs.

scratch that

...This was our time out!

We challenged the raging wind on the hills overlooking Newport beach. 

...I forgot a hair tie.

Then we ate and ate and ate, saw The Avengers (thumbs UP) and ate some more...

The only bummers were a new-found fear of late-night cable tv and a missing hair tie.

I HIGHLY recommend handing kids off for vacationing with your honey.

As Winnie-the-Pooh always says- 

"Time for something sweet."


Becca Jane said...

Haha, LOVE the big hair. I SO understand. Glad you guys had a fun time-out! Next time, you should come have a time-out in Utah!

Brenda said...

{LIKE !!}

Christy Jones said...

love it! My hair does the same thing!! Crazy that its been 12 yrs, I am liking life at the 12 yr mark. Also very cool of your mom to take the kids!

Radke said...

Love it!

nuttbutts said...

you look so skinny!

Lora said...

SO cute! Love the hair, and agreed, you DO look skinny! Good for you!! Glad you got some time away. You're parents are so nice like that.

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