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Thursday, August 30, 2012

being stinky is secondary to being awesome

I'm having trouble journaling about this year's Hood to Coast relay.  I'd like to write something inspirational that moves everyone to get just as excited as I am.  Like the day I switched to Ban deoderant.  Words wouldn't express the magnitude of awesomeness.  All I could say is- YOU GOTTA TRY IT.

So as you read this post, just pretend that little Connie Talbot is singing her little heart out and Oprah is in the background giving everyone a car.

That's how exciting this is.

I was nervous about this year's relay because I was given the hardest leg which included 3 long stretches and 2 wild climbs.  I kept apologizing ahead of time, about how I was going to make everyone wait forever and we'd never get to the beach at a reasonable hour...

And as I completed each run I stunned myself.  Hey that was a GREAT run!  I ran that how fast?  Are you sure??? 

Needless to say I was giddy all weekend.

It helps to have friends who bring out the goon in you.

They could make the DMV fun.

The energy at the start line is a party like non other.

The sights alone made you feel like you are part of something special.

My mom!  I got to run with my MOM!

The people, the sand, the pain...  ALL GOOD!

I've never experienced a drug-induced high and never plan to.  But hearing your team name over the loudspeaker as you all cross the finish line is a natural high that I doubt any drug can duplicate.

We laughed hard, played hard and RAN HARD. 

See my DAD?!?  YEAH!  He came too!!


Are you pumped?  You want to come next year?  Ready to try a new deoderant?

You just gotta.

my number, my medal, and my panda express fortune...


P.P.S.  That fortune is now laminated and sitting in my wallet ready for the next time I have to drag all 3 kids through Walmart...


Val said...

I am just about as enthusiastic as you - I'm ready to do it long as I'm in van 1 and get an easier leg. ;)

Solana said...

Look at me, I'm in a blog, I'm famous! hahahaha! It really was alot of fun. Next time, I want to hang out with both of you in the same VAN! And yes, Ban deodorant is the Queen of deo!

Becca Jane said...

Can I come run with you next time?

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