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Friday, August 17, 2012

Kendall + Kristen

Well for one, Scrubs is on tv.  And two, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow.  What we have is a perfect situation to get another post in tonight. 


It's just so exciting that, in the words of Nickelcreek, I could spit on a stranger.  

Well, not on purpose but you know what I mean.  I mean, it's a song.  And it came to mind.  And it's nearly 2 am.  And well, just look at the happy couple.

It was just a really great day.



Val said...

That last picture is AWEsome!

Becca Jane said...

Wow, he looked SO dashing! :) Congrats to the happy couple!

Christy Jones said...

Congrats to Kendal!! I love her dress! They look so happy.

Sue O said...

Finally, we get to see the cute little girl dresses.

Radke said...


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