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Thursday, August 16, 2012

growth (the good kind)

I'm going to do this post like I've been staying caught up all along.  Like everybody knows everything about anything that's been a happenin' here the last while...  And if I refer to the awesome family reunion with a wink, you'll already know how awesome it was and wink back.  And if I sigh about Girls' Camp, you'll sigh with me.

So we're all up to speed then, right?

OK then.

Latest in the news is that Suzie is joining the ranks of the potty-trained.  Yes, she's been 3 for 8 months, but it was me who finally wised up and shoved Suzie into kid-hood.  The little attempts over the last year were half-heartedly given and half-heartedly received.  But there was nothing half-hearted about the way I danced and yelped and cheered around the house when hearing that delightful little tinkling.  Suzie is more enthusiastic about the sticker chart on the door than she is about the toilet.  That's not such a surprise really.  ...Stickers have animals and toilets smell.

"Mom?  Please hold my princess dress.  Mom?  Underwear goes on my bum?  That's silly.  Mommy?  I want 3 stickers.  Suzie get's 3 stickers now.  DOGGY STICKER!  LOOK MOM! DOGGY STICKER!!!!"

Now, I plan on flaunting this.  I have a kid that will be potty trained before starting school.  Before.  YEARS before.  And get this- I'm about down to just one child in a diaper.  ONE.  I haven't been down to one since the day before Brenda was born.  ...Brenda is almost nine.  NINE PEOPLE!  I'm seriously moving up in the world.  Perhaps a new hair-do is in order?  Is it time to start wearing saucy shoes or feathery hats?

Speaking of moving up in the world, I am proud to announce that I have successfully gardened a tomato plant.  ...Plant.  No tomatoes but the plant is still alive.  I did that.  Me.  Last year the poor plant didn't last 2 weeks.  And next year, with fingers crossed I will get the 2013 tomato plant to produce.  Yes I will and do you know why?

Because getting a few green leaves to cough up a tomato can't be harder than potty training.  It can't, right?

I might just be able to do anything.


Val said...

Potty training...complete freedom. Who would have ever known something like that would get us so excited, eh?

Sara Walker said...

glad your back in action! its been lonely lately :)

Christy Jones said...

yay!!! Party time!!

Radke said...

Girls camp=AMAZING!
Family reunion=so much fun!
Potty trained kids=priceless:)

DebZ said...

Now, where is that LIKE button when you need it?

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