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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

it's perfectly logical.

Garret spends his Summer days crouched in bushes and spinning in the sunlight.  He'll take frequent indoor breaks to spread Nutella on my bed or throw laundry at the ceiling fans.  I'm sure his flailing in the yard looks odd to passer-bys but there is a method here.  In the bushes he finds a quiet place to tap the ground and maybe enjoy the feel of dirt on his face.  In the sun he's fascinated by the dancing lights and shadows, similar to how we enjoy looking into a kaleidoscope.  See?  He's having a good time.  And if he happens to want his pants off well, if only we could all get away with that, right?

And how about Brenda's odd out-door activities?  

(After an afternoon in the yard today Brenda stood in the dining room and announced that she's proud to be a crazy scientist.)

So, she's just crazy.

I mean, look at the crazy eye.


kemp-y-QUA!! said...

wow, im not sure if they could be any cuter!

Christy Jones said...

Love these pictures, Brenda looks a lot like you.

Becca Jane said...

Haha crazy eye. That made me laugh. These are beautiful pictures...crazy eye and all!

DebZ said...

Are you sure Brenda isn't just practicing for Halloween? GREAT PHOTOS (per usual)! ;D

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! Garret and Ammon sound like two peas in a pod. That would be one messy pod though!

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