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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

critique of the caramel s'more

It's GOOD. Whoever thought to put a caramel swirl in the marshmallow... I'm sending them happy vibes ~*~*~*~ And speaking of our weekend trip...
We spent Friday to Monday at the beach with Mike's extended family. Everyone congratulate Mike for winning the Finnish Wife Carrying Contest. He was quite proud of himself. Did anyone get a picture of that? If yes, hopefully it's from Mike's left side so it doesn't look like a Lindsay-butt atop a Mike-body. I'd love a copy!
Something I don't want to see a picture of is my sis-in-laws and I doing synchronized swimming in the hot tub. I'd like to think we were spectacular but a picture might say otherwise.
Garret loved the beach. Every time we left our little apartment he immediately bolted with a maniacal laugh. He spent the beach time laying in the warm sun but every so often he would hop up and SPRINT towards the water. He always stopped just to tap his toes in the water but I still had to sprint with him just in case he was extra brave.
Brenda worked on burying her feet and castles. I think when she realized her castles didn't look like castles on TV she "pshaw"-ed it and stuck with the burying.
Suzie was nervous. As long as she was right next to Mike or me, she would sit and poke the sand with a stick, singing loudly. When a couple walked by with a dog she laughed and barked!! She did! HAHA!!
All I wanted to do on the beach was nap. But worrying that your kids might perish, without adult supervision, causes insomnia.
We played card games, ate lots, made bracelets, even formed a Finnish choir. Needless to say we came home Monday all tuckered out.

Now that's all fantastic but I want to tell everyone about what we did last night. The organization 'Autism Speaks' hosted a free family night at the Childrens' Museum. I've joined a team for the 'walk-now-for-autism' event in September. I need some creative ideas for fund raising. I think I'll start a facebook page... If you'd like info here's the *website*.
There was a presentation to inform us of the research happening all over the world that the funds contribute to. Some fascinating stuff. And when a few parents spoke about their kids I teared up. Not sadness but a reverence for the 'club' that we were thrown into when our kids were diagnosed. There are some precious people here.

Shame on me for forgetting my camera. Mike's phone-cam came to the rescue...And last but not least, the right side of my throat hurts ever so much. I hope I'm not dying 'cause I got a busy weekend...


DeAnn said...

I love the beach! And I'll check out your *website*.

Brenda said...

I will donate!

(Gargle w/ warm salt water.)

nuttbutts said...

well hello! let everyone know that you will do pictures and the fee will be going to the cause. if you get too overwhelmed i will help with the picture taking to! perhaps it will be time for jon and i to finally suck it up and set a date for pictures!

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