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Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you have plans Thanksgiving weekend?

Well I just had a fabulous run tonight! (I should say last night since I'm in the wee hours of the morning now...) My good friend, Sara, and I have started a schedule/routine to prepare us for a MARATHON in 4 months.

That's right! (I hesitate to announce this as I'm not yet 100% sure about the date, but nevertheless I am preparing...)

I've enjoyed running for a long time but used to think that people who run marathons are extremists.

'That's silly. I just like to run. I'm not going to KILL myself...'

But my attitude shifted after reading 'Born to Run'.

'OK, people who (risking death) run
150 mile races in 130 degrees... THEY are the extremists.'

....I just like to run. So why not a marathon???


nuttbutts said...

and after the marathon you will be thinking...why not a 150 mile run...:)

Brenda said...

I think it's a challenge that every runner grapples with. "Should I do it?" As you know, I've been grappling for a while now.
So do it! Then you'll always have that accomplishment. No matter what comes in life, you'll always have it.

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