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Friday, July 16, 2010

RSVP to the zookeeper

I am a self-proclaimed party girl. I like parties. Any excuse for a party.
Are you having a party? Shall I bring a bunt?

Last night I hosted a baby shower. It was simply a sit, visit, and enjoy-veggies-&-strawberry-angel-food cake shower. Lovely, lovely fun.

A couple months ago, a friend and I put together a no-kids, couples' party. She handled the food. I did the games. You should hire us to throw YOUR party (as it was a raging success). Yessssir...

A favorite party activity of mine is to greet each guest at the door with a secret "role" they must discreetly "play" until someone guesses correctly. Here's a few of the couple roles we've done-

*The wife is secretly trying to kill the husband and husband is getting suspicious...
*A couple that's been stranded on an island for 30 years is now adjusting to normal life
*One partner is trying to cure the other of an extreme fear off other peoples' feet
*A couple that thinks this evening is one big audition for 'Disney on Ice’
*One suffers from restless leg syndrome and the other from surprise vertigo attacks. Both are in denial of the problem.
*Superman and Lois having marital problems

We even played this for just a girls' night. Some of those roles were:

*A realtor trying to sell the home
*A shy kleptomaniac
*A teacher on field-trip day trying to keep the kids (everyone else) all rounded up
*Someone hungry who is not sure what is food and what isn't... (You should have seen that girl eat a paper plate...) ...(AAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!!!)

It all makes me think of how blessed I am. Blessed with parties. I am party-rich. My cup spilleth over with party punch. OK, that's silly talk 'cause I am really blessed. Great friends, time, a willing husband, etc. As Julie Andrews so romantically sang it- "Somewhere in my youth, or childhood... I must have done something good."

Now I'm off to prepare for a big family reunion that will be just one. big. party. (I'm in charge of 'name-that-tune' night, and I'm not making it easy.) teeheehee...


nuttbutts said...

i say lets do it again!

Brenda said...

(psst It's spelled bundt.) And yes, I agree! Party throwers are always loved, appreciated and missed when they move.

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