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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Take a few minutes if you're bored...

Yesterday I had three hours alone in a car. (wedding shoot) On the radio I listened to a food critic talk about how a new dessert (consisting of mustard, pretzels, and chocolate) is going to be a BIG sensation. I sang with ZZ Top at a dangerous volume. And I rejoiced when a station went from MJ's 'Man in the Mirror' to JM's 'Who Says'.
...What else? Well, I ate a tuna sandwich. I thought about stopping to buy gum. Pulled over once to chat with my honey. And I stared straight ahead as I sailed passed the DQ.
What's the point of this story? I dunno.
Today I've been sleepy. I botched up oodles while accompanying the church choir. I NAPPED. I thought about making cookies. And I wrestled the kids on the trampoline. (and totally won.)
...That's not all! I watched Monk. Read a few chapters of 'Anna Karenina'. (Almost done!) And I wrote this blog post.
If you're still reading you'll be interested to know that now it's scriptures, prayers, and a few hours of beauty sleep. (HA! Like I need that...)
Oh wait, were you hoping to hear about the kids?


Becca Jane said...

I heard 'Who Says' about 4 times this weekend choice though.

Brenda said...

This IS about a kid. MY kid. :-D

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