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Thursday, July 8, 2010

bet you can't guess how long this is taking me...

For the last week our internet has been slower than dial up. Logging in was like sitting in brutal traffic. Thank goodness for Solitaire!
So here are some recent happenings-
Garret ate cheese. Just cheese. Not on pizza, or a cheese-cracker...
He also got a swing mounted up in his bedroom. After three days of caution he has accepted it joyfully.
Brenda, while throwing a tantrum, asked for a timeout and even said 'please'.
She also has enjoyed making mud pies in the backyard. (You'll see some results below.)
Suzie was trying to climb up on my bed and when she got stuck she cried out, "DADDY!!". (Her speech has been coming on slowly.) She also took full advantage of the mud pies in the backyard. (You'll see some results below.)
Mike made TWO strawberry angel food cakes for the holiday weekend. He also did some running saying that he hopes to keep up with me someday...
I savored TWO strawberry angel food cakes over the holiday weekend. Also I decided that "My Name Is Earl" is one of the funniest shows of today.

These pics are totally worth the tedious laundering, baby-scrubbing, and slow uploading-

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Brenda said...

I'm excited that Garret ate cheese, Suz said Daddy, and Mike ran. All noteworthy events. And I cringed at the mud on that pretty dress. Tell Mike - Aug. 7, 5K.

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