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Monday, June 28, 2010

Not much. 'Sup with you?

The other evening Suzie came charging into the room squealing with pride.
She thinks she's SO funny...
...and I heartily agree.
But maybe that's just me.


In other news, I've started giving piano lessons again. It's been nearly 4 years. I quit last time to focus more on photography, and because Brenda started having absolute fits when my attention was diverted to a student. (And she HATES listening to music unless it's part of her own activity.)

So Thursday was the first lesson. It was maybe 20 seconds into the first song when Brenda came running over, SLAMMED her hands down on the keys and shouted "NO!!!". (sigh) Luckily Mike was home and he took care of business.

Come on kid. You're six. Get over it.


Oh, and I saw Michael Jackson's "This is it". Not the best film, but I definitely had something in my eye.
Have the MJ sightings began yet? Just like Elvis you know it's coming...


Radke said...

I must agree with you, Suzie IS cute! As for Brenda, I think she is trying to let you know that NO ONE could EVER sound as good as she does on the piano. So you should quit having people over to audition:)

Julia said...

lol! She's so adorable! and good luck with the piano lessons! I need to get started once we are settled in here :-)

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