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Saturday, June 19, 2010

What day is it?

I'd like to take a moment for a shout-out to Mike's parents on this Fathers' Day. (Mike shy's away from public mushies.)
My Dad-in-law is strong, patient, attentive, and kind. He'd carry the world on his shoulders for his family and you'd never hear a complaint. He's a friend to his kids, and a teddy-bear to the grandkids.
My Mom-in-law is cheerful, sweet, creative, and eager-to-serve. She sings and laughs with ease. She is also the only person, so far, who really makes me work to win 'Boggle'. (Hmmm, it's been a while!!)

Shot 1: Grandpa graciously wearing the hat that Garret insisted upon.
Shot 2: Mike playing 'where's the ball' with mom. (I LOVE that picture!)
Shot 3: Christmas for Mike just a few decades ago...

My mom is witty, caring, hard-working, and fun. She loves us kids, and loves Dad just a wee-bit more. I think only her close friends and family know just how GOOFY she is. It's true, she is! I'd like to say she's one of my best friends, but that would be weird since you're supposed to whine about your parents to you BFFs, you know? haha

To my dad,
Through my life's experiences I realize more and more how lucky I am to have MY dad. ...THIS dad! He's wise, gentle, generous, and AWESOME. What has often kept me on the 'straight-and-narrow' is the thought of breaking his heart. His catch phrase should be "work hard. play harder." -as he conquers the world with his many ambitions. LOVE YOU DAD!

Shot 1: Dad holding new grandbaby, Garret
Shot 2: My fam. Aren't we pretty?

Happy Fathers day hun-bun. The kids really ought to be saying it seeing as they've got themselves a good one...
What do you want for breakfast?


Becca Jane said...

Happy Father's Day! We already talked about how high up we both were able to marry, lucky girls we are! Hope all of these men have a wonderful day!

Christy Jones said...

Very sweet! Love the picture of your family when it was still young.

Brenda said...

Thank you. We love you too. Btw everyone - That family photo was Lindsay's baptism day. (Please ignore my huge hair!)

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