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Friday, June 4, 2010

He's MY monkey!

This is the picture I put together when first creating the blog. I scrapped it and did the 'ark' doodle instead. I'm happy with how it all turned out. I like the idea of the zoo-ish, ark theme 'cause I figure Noah's ark was bizarre chaos with a lot of poop to clean up.

We can relate.

I imagine they got used to the funny smells, restless monkeys, and every-man-for-himself meals. Noah would be nursing a dog's hurt paw and his wife comes running in announcing that the pig escaped again...

I've been stressing a bit,
wondering about summer break. What am I going to do with these kids?? (How sad a question to come from the mom, eh?)

Thank goodness we're not trapped on a boat.

Garret needs a lot of stimulation or he gets a bit wild. His regular school schedule does help him "even out". At home, when he starts to lose control, sometimes all we can do is just sit on him. (Don't worry, he loves it.)

But this afternoon
he got a rare treat of cream soda. He was giggling over the pure joy of it and cuddled up next to me. 'Oh, we'll be fine' I thought, 'and come end of August we'll send out the doves...'

I'm getting excited for summer.
-are you?


Oyama Family said...

I love your outlook Lindsay! I hear many parents say the old, "what am I gonna do with these kids all summer?" but they don't have a child the requires so much effort/energy...and look at you, what a great attitude! You are a stellar mom for the little guy! Can I be like you when I grow up?

lindsay said...

Thanks Mandy!

Brenda said...

We will plan some weekday outings. I haven't been to the zoo in years, so you, me, the kids and the leash, can go check it out. (Even tho you were there recently.) And to the water park in Wilsonville. And maybe ride horses again. Let's come up with some more ideas. My treat!

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