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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

...and she left me with a box of cheese-its!

Despite my allergy-haze I enjoyed a nifty playdate yesterday. This gal and I share many things like awesome hair, short fingernails, a love for DVRs, and... Oh yeah, special kids.

The banter was fun. One of us would mention, say, changing an 8-yr-old's diaper and the other would emphatically nod in a "sing-it sista" kind of way. The subject of socks came up and we laughed. "So how often do you have to replenish his sock drawer...?"

mm hmm.

While sharing our 'woes' the kids stayed out of our hair. (Did I say that?!) (Really, isn't that what playdates are all about??? Come on...)
OK well we did play, take pictures, push 'em on swings, roll around on the trampoline, etc... Our kids fit together like ummm, something... that fits well. We ought to be neighbors to alleviate all babysitter worries. She wouldn't think it strange when Garret leaves his clothes scattered on the lawn. I wouldn't bat an eye when her son puts his thumbs in his ears to show he's happy. And our girls can be as ridiculously-quirky as we know they can be-
so what?
We're home.

Suzie got a little crabby while trying to keep up with the big kids.Garret was antisocial mostly.
Brenda stayed ready for school. I don't know...
So after the day's success we agreed to stalk each other. After all, having a friend that totally gets your 'everyday uniqueness' is something worth pursuing illegally.

P.S. Kerry, I've got pictures to email you! (I didn't think I had the right to post your family pics on my public blog.) (What if someone thought they were cuter!!!?!??)

P.P.S. I shared the cheese-its.


DeAnn said...

I need a friend to stalk. They make all the difference in the world.

Becca Jane said...

Look at your house in the background....LOVE that I know exactly where Garrett is lying or can picture you hanging out...NOT in a creepy stalker way..just in a "you're my cuz and one of my best friends and I miss you and wish we could share our life more" kind of way.

Kerry said...

We will give new meaning to the term "stalker". I was going to quiz the kids next time on your cheez-it sharing :) We had fun and Devyn has asked nearly a trillion times when you are coming over...

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