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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I can put 'speaks Garret' on a resume

I remember having a chat with a friend when Garret was a toddler-
me- "I'm looking forward to when he's older and I can just have a normal conversation with him. You know, reason with him..."

(Now I know those parents out there with older kids are scoffing saying, "Yeah right, you think it's going to get easier???")

So here's a typical 'conversation' today-

me-"Hey Garret, what's up?"
G- giggle, stomp
"Are you hungry?"
"Want toast?"
hissssssssssssss, shhhhhhhh (arm flap)
"Wanna go outside?"
run around couch, stomp stomp
"Here, you can go out."
BIG laugh, runs out.

-I guess actual speech is not top priority for conversing.

OH, and we've been basking in the sun this week. :-) In a few months we'll be giddy over the thought of mistletoe, cider, and twinkle lights. But for today it's sprinklers, ladybugs, and popsicle-stained tongues. I declare this the SUMMER OF GEORGE! (Seinfeld is on...)


Ellen said...

Maybe there is hope. Have you seen this video?

kemp-y-QUA!! said...

i am never playing charades with you two.

Kerry said...

Conversations like those make my day :) Jordan is in his room yelling baaabaaa mixed with a bit of shrieking and a stomp thrown in there. Gotta love these boys...

lindsay said...

Ellen- Yeah, that's a GREAT story. Miracles happen!

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