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Thursday, September 15, 2011

cheap chair & Mike is ...where?

I showed off my latest FIVE-DOLLAR, 2nd-hand find to my sister-in-laws and they were sweet.  and quiet.

They said it's "me".

(Well, they said it's "you" 'cause they were talking to me.)  

(You get it.)

Why yes it is!  That's why I love it!!  

One particular SIL said it's a grandma chair.  I think she and I should totally go shopping together.  We'll both find things we love without snooping into each others carts!  Wouldn't that be fun Talitha?  Wanna?  Let's!!  I need to look for grandma rugs...

I plan on giving this lovely, lovely piece of furniture a re-cover eventually.  I like what's there but there is a small collection of stains which will soon begin to grow with the tenacity of ketchup, mud, peanut-butter, diapers, juice, crayons and three kids who will remain nameless.   long sentence.

And where is Mike while I'm having so much fun?

He's got JB's back.

...Savin' the world.

See him?  Isn't he cute? -Uh, I mean BRAVELY HANDSOME?


nuttbutts said...

ya know, once you recover it i think it will be very cool! i am just not loving the yellow on that chair :) what a find!

Radke said...

I agree about the yellow, but it is a nice chair. Love the 24 cover art. Mike looks great:)

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