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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nobody likes a braggart.

So I won't go on and on about my PR (personal record) 10k time.  ...53:46.  I won't.  ...That's 8:40 pace.  That's all I'll say.  That's it.   I really should just keep it to myself since I said earlier in the summer that I wanted to do a 10k in less than 50 minutes, before Fall.   ...Failed.

Totally failed.

And yet, I'm still JAZZED!!!

The 8 attending RA members gathered at the start.  (RA, Runners Anonymous, is the coolest facebook group of all facebook groups I am sure.)

 Solana, me, and Sheri.  Just LOOK at that view!

Just Mommy and me.  (Book reference!)

I'm not the only one that PR'ed.  Mom and Solana can be braggarts too!  And we'll hang out, just the three of us, 'cause nobody likes a braggart.  ...Unless you're a braggart yourself.  Then you can just hang out with other braggarts.  ...And have smoothies. 


nuttbutts said...

awsome lindsay! ok, so i will never be able to be faster than you...but a girl can always dream right?

Brenda said...

Oh yeah ... bragging rights! (BTW, this mom is proud of her girl!)

Christy Jones said...

you have my full permission to be a braggart in this instance!! I wold love a time like that for a 10K!

Shauna said...

Congratulations!! What an amazing time! Don't worry, the minute I have a PR, no matter how slow it is, I will be a braggart as well!

Radke said...

Way to go, Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

hurray, smoothies!! -Solana

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