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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I like the look o' this!



I enjoy perusing home-decorating blogs and just picking out rooms for my house.  Want a Lindsay-dreamin' tour?

family room
Just change out those odd ottoman legs and we're set!

sun room
Oh happy room!

dining room
I could kiss that floor.

kitchen nook
a nook that could inspire me to cook...

As soon as I move in that chandelier is gone.

Aren't those such pretty rooms?

I would declare a tour-of-homes week within our blogging community, but that would mean I have to clean the whole house and expose all the unfinished rooms and damage that is has occurred...  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  Anyone else have pretty house pictures to share?  Anyone feeling inspired to decorate?  Wanna go vintage-secondhand shopping this weekend?  We could "OH" and "AH" over old wooden iceboxes.  Then we'll go out to lunch.  Something with focaccia bread and cheese.  ...and caramel and nuts.


Suzie decorates with duckies.


Kathy said...

I love your style! If I ever get really rich and can pay someone to decorate and shop for my house, I'm totally going to ask you! :)

lindsay said...

Ummm, thanks Kathy, but I am no decorator! I'll just show you pretty pictures! Oh, and shop! But I'm still puzzled over what to do in my own home.

Kathy said...

Well, the pretty pictures is where it starts, right! :) I have heard that a good idea is just to collect those pictures for awhile of rooms you love and then after you have a bunch start looking through for common elements to figure out what you're attracted to and then try to do some of those things in your home.

Becca Jane said...

A tour of homes week would be FUN....but my apartment is LAME. I'd love to see everyone else's though!

Here is my dream sunroom:

Bethany said...

I would so be down for that kind of shopping trip! One of my favorite stores is in Newberg on First Street. I can't tell you how many times I've almost rear ended people while driving because I'm too intent on looking at what they have outside the shop that day. I should probably stop putting my family's life in danger and just go in.

nuttbutts said...

i would love too! but my sister just flew in and we are spending the day with her...rain check?

Brenda said...

Yes. You got me with the focaccia bread!

Radke said...

I too like to look at rooms on blogs. I quite often bookmark them and go back to peruse them on occasion. I love that kitchen nook, I am going to have to add that one:)

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