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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music to start the week on-

Can you name these quoted songs?
Hold your own
know your name
and go your own way
and everything,
everything will be fine

It's so hard to keep this smile from my face
Losin' control,
I'm all over the place

Beautiful girls
all over the world
I could be chasin'
but my time would be wasted
they got nothin' on you, baby
nothin' on you, baby

Not too tough, right?

Any of you who have ridden in a car with me know my obsession with the radio. I am, as Jerry Seinfeld puts it, a hunter. I will continue to change stations (every 3-4 seconds) in pursuit of the right song. I seriously have day dreamed of a "Lindsay" station. Just random songs that happen to be EXACTLY what I want to hear at the moment. Something to look forward to in the future, yes? You would all be, of course, welcome to listen. (as other stations would soon become obsolete)

Hold up. "Smooth Criminal" just came up on my itunes... yeeeaah...

What song will be next?

Wanna know? ('cause I'm still here)

*'s "Ruby Blue" by Roison Murphy. grooooooovy...


STILL HERE! (I'm checking facebook on another tab)

What's the song now you ask?

, it's the Stone's "Start Me Up" and I am boppin'.

comment on facebook...
check email...

OH!!! I LOVE this song!!! ("Low Rising" by Swell Season)

That's right people. I could do this all night.


kemp-y-QUA!! said...

on pandora radio you can do your own station- its happiness :)

Radke said...

I love music, but seldom can figure out the name of a song with only a few lyrics. I really need the beat of the song to figure it out.

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